About Us

     Our vision at Angel Home Care is to provide the highest quality of personal and supportive services to the elderly and the disabled in the comfort of their own home. We aim to increase the quality of the lives of those we serve while allowing them to remain as active participants our community.

     Angel Home Care is a locally owned and operated personal care agency in Milwaukee, WI. We reach out to serve all counties across the state of Wisconsin. The clients we work with are covered by Medicaid (Title 19), and are in need of assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) necessary to maintain their dignity and place of residence.

So Why Choose Us?

     In hiring independently, you assume all the costs and hassles associated with becoming an "employer". This includes: federal and state payroll taxes; paying worker's compensation insurance; depositing payroll deductions; filing quarterly and annual federal and state payroll tax reports; complying with federal immigration hiring laws and other employment laws. And, on top of all the governmental guidelines, you'll also be responsible for recruiting, hiring, firing, and scheduling employees. By choosing Angel Home Care, you'll never have anything to worry about. There are never any hidden costs or extra charges.

Leave all the worrying to us, so you won't have to!

Personal Care Services

Angel Home Care